About Us

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Affirmation Effect is passionate about helping YOU recognize your own beauty and worth through affirmations to remind yourself how beautiful you really are.


In 2014, my husband and I realized our son was not happy at school. Both busy members of the medical field, we started looking for ways to increase our son’s self-worth and self-esteem. Then we had the idea to begin printing shirts for him with inspirational affirmations to wear to school. Friends, teachers, parents, neighbors, and strangers alike all noticed his shirts and before we knew it, we had our own website, dedicated to spreading love, positivity, and inspiration for all who need it.


Now we have expanded our business and to serve men and women who embrace their natural features, culture, beauty, and spirituality. We create high-quality inspirational apparel, accessories, and candles to help spread positive affirmations  of love, beauty, and faith. We all need a little positive inspiration, right?


Affirmation Effect is a small, husband and wife-owned business, we partner with another female-owned small business for our handmade candles. When you buy from Affirmation Effect, you are helping hard-working American small business owners feed and clothe their families and their communities.


be You. be Beautiful. be Inspired!